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December 30, 2014

"Get More Referrals Today"

We all know the word of mouth and referral marketing is the most powerful form of marketing, HOWEVER 97% of us don't have a referral plan or system.

We are the leaders in referral marketing training so let us help you help more referrals into your organisation today.

Do Any Of These Statements Ring True To You:

I don’t know the right place to network

I get a lot of low level leads that do not amount to business.

I tell a lot of people what I do, they just don’t seem to understand

I don’t attend networking events because I really don’t know what to do when I am there

I feel like I have a lot of visibility but it is not leading to referrals

My referral partners do not participate at the same level I do

I am spending too much of my time with low value prospects

I don’t understand that there is a referral process

We offer rewards for referrals, yet that doesn’t bring us much business

When I get a referral, it often does not convert to business

I cannot figure out why some people will not refer business to me

Our sales team don’t see how networking through their current relaionships can add more profits

Our sales team don’t generate referrals from the sales they make

Join us on our podcasts to find the answers and get more referrals today

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