What Are Your ‘A’ Activities and How Often Do You Do Them

February 19, 2017

In this 'Get More Referrals Today' podcast we look at what are your 'A' activities and how well do you do them. Getting business is not hard when you concentrate on the right sorts of activities. For most people they just don't do that. They do time fillers and things to keep them busy, but are not business generating. Find out how to get back focused on your 'A' activities. 


The Simple Formula To Success

February 5, 2017

In this Get More Referrals Today podcast we look at something so simple YET so powerful. Most people don't have the success they want because they are around the wrong people, the wrong networks and they try to do it all themselves. Find out in this quick little podcast what you need to do to change your environment to change your results.