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The Power Of Storytelling In Your Marketing Campaigns

March 14, 2022

Once upon a time there was a young child who just loved hearing the stories of the 3 bears, little red riding hood and how the good guys always overcame the baddies.

As the young child grew up, they became more and more fascinated with the stories that their parents would tell them. Stories of life, stories of how things happened and stories of the future.

As they became a grown up, they started to realise that brands and businesses that shared great stories, always caught their attention a lot more than the ones that didn't.

They realised that they got hooked into the story, they wanted to read or listen more and they were compelled to take the action come the end of the story.

The power of stories isn't new, but how businesses use them within their marketing, certainly is a new trend that is well worth becoming great at.

In this week's 'Get More Referrals Today' podcast we explore the power of storytelling within your marketing with expert Kyle Gray, and trust me it's a story you don't want to miss :) 


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