Get More Referrals Today

The 3 Mistakes That Kill Your Networks From Promoting You

April 5, 2021

Back in the 1900's (haha seems a bit strange to be saying that) there was a proven way to grow your business. It meant going out and talking to others, it meant building relationships, it meant helping others and having drinks and lunches and meeting people face to face.

Fast forward to 2021 and that way hasn't changed, how we do it has with technology and social media, but HUMAN MARKETING and HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS are still the cornerstone for service providers to get referrals and word of mouth business.

Unfortunately though the way we network and build these relationship has lost it's art. We are to caught up in our own ego, with instant gratification and expecting results yesterday.

In this 'Get More Referrals Today' podcast, I explore the 3 biggest mistakes that you could change today and therefore change the way your networks help you, promote you, talk about you and share you you to new prospects. 

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