Get More Referrals Today

Client Retention Secrets… The Best Form Of Marketing

October 4, 2021

Everyday we wake up and we ask ourselves...

How do I get more exposure today

How do I reach more people today

How do I make a sale today

How do I get seen by prospects today

And then we go about marketing to find new people

When really the question should be how do I enrol my current clients for life

Keeping clients isn't luck or doing steps 1,2,3

Keeping clients for life is a way of being

Keeping clients for life is an artform

Keeping clients for life is all about evoking positive emotions and brain chemicals 

In this 'Get More Referral Today' podcast I go through the 9 key projects that we work on with our tribe to maximise client retention and turn EVERYONE into a walking, talking, ranting, raving billboard.


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