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A Simple Way That Most Service Businesses Shoot Themselves In The Foot & Loose Clients

January 3, 2022

If you listen to most people, they believe that getting referrals, retaining clients, getting people to help you, promote you and share you just happens.

It's more luck then anything else.

But in my world, that is all garbage!

Humans are hardwired (yes all of us) the same way to respond.

Humans can be influenced to be more loyal, to promote you, to talk about you, to trust you greater.

Just imagine if you saw every little thing you did today in your business as a 'moment'.

A moment that you could make average, great or extraordinary.

A moment that you could accelerate the trust, emotional bond and profound loyalty with the other person. 

Or a moment that is just pushing the other person away from you, without you even realising it.

EVERY moment in your business is doing one of two things - pushing or pulling towards

Here is a story of a service provider and how (without even probably realising it) they have cost themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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