5 Things I Learnt From Sunday

May 31, 2015

Last Sunday I was with a business group of 100 odd people and it was amazing how the conversations and questions really came down to 5 things. Improve these 5 areas and you will see a big difference in your business also.


Generating Exposure To Generate New Business

May 24, 2015

Getting referrals and new business everyday is exactly what we all want but getting exposure to new people and different networks is just as important. Discover the 3 easy steps to complete and ensure you are getting exposure into new networks every week.


Generating Referrals and Opportunities Through Your Personal Brand

May 17, 2015

Everyone talks about business brand and being in front of everyone all the time with your name, logo and colours, however how many people concentrate on personal brand to increase business?

Look at big companies and we all know the people behind them and that is because of their personal brand.

This Get More Referrals Today podcast shows you some simple things to do to build your personal brand so that you are seen on all major platforms.


How To Be Successful At A Networking Event

May 10, 2015

Going to networking events should be fun, they should provide with you with great new opportunities and they should be well worth your time, money and effort.

I can guarantee you that they probably are not right now. Learn how to network with the goal of getting new exposure, new doors opened up and new business each and everytime that you attend a networking event.