Learn How To Train Your Referral Partners

February 26, 2015

To get more referrals today you need to make sure you are training your referral partners correctly.

The better trained they are the more likely it is that they can pass you referrals daily.

Unfortunately most people don't take the time to train their partners because they are after instant results.


How To Use LinkedIn To Create Referral Opportunities

February 21, 2015

We know how powerful the LinkedIn platform can be, however how much money are you still leaving on the table because you don't understand what to do to create new referral relationships and opportunities. In this "Get More Referrals Today" podcast find out how to take and create these new opportunities.


I Need To Get Referrals Today

February 14, 2015

In this "Get More Referrals Today" podcast we look at the topic 'I Need To Get Referrals Today.'

If you are in this position then don't worry there is a way you can start getting referrals, but you need to make sure that you don't come across desperate and in need.

Follow these simple 4 steps to start your referral journey.


How To Create New Referral Opportunities

February 5, 2015

In business there is the hard way and the easy way. Having to find new business 1 by 1 all by yourself is the hard way.
Working with other people and creating new cross promotion opportunities will fill your sales funnel and give you more people to talk to.
Find out how to create new opportunities in this Get More Referrals Today Podcast.